About Uncle Steve

Born in Northern Ontario, in Sault Ste. Marie, Steve has spent most of his adult life active as a performer or staging technician. Steve went on to study both, Theatre Tech; and, later, Film Studies, at Ryerson University in Toronto. As well as devoting himself to songwriting and producing; Steve has been developing his skills as an actor and filmmaker.

Since his anointing as the "Patron Saint of Beer Weazls", Uncle Steve has been active as a Canajun singer/poet of note. (for the record, a "beerweazl" is by definition: a bar patron who never lets being broke keep them from always having a cold beer in front of them.) it became a running gag, that Uncle Steve is doomed to poverty & obscurity; as, his biggest fans being beerweazls, usually are insulted to be expected to actually pay for an Uncle Steve CD.

Over the past eighteen years, Derek Stephen McPhail has produced seven "Uncle Steve" CD projects; all through his home grown company, Beer Weazl Productions. (www.beerweazl.com)


"Labour or Caring" (1992)
"Story Book Blues" (1996)
"Sea Fever" (2005)
"Hunger of the Heart" (2007)
"Canajun Blues" (2010)
"Spirit Warriors" (2010)
"Pargo Rojo (Red Snapper)" (2010)
Ambulante Eduardo / Traveling Ed & Tio Esteban / Uncle Steve (collaboration)

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